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Healing Art of Reiki for Pets, LLC

In-Your-Home Services

Ph​one: 920-252-0296Email: [email protected]

Energy Healing: Reiki

Pronounced: (ray-key)
Means: Life Energy
30 minutes - $50
60 minutes - $70

Reiki is:

  • A Japanese energy healing art that does not require contact with the body
  • A tool that strengthens the connection to the Divine through meditation
  • Scientifically proven to be beneficial and is available in select hospitals and other health care facilities
  • Non-invasive and may be utilized in conjunction with other treatment protocols
  • For pets and people

Possible benefits of energy healing are:

  • Relaxation
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Letting go of emotions that may be creating physical disease
  • The mind and body are returned to a state of balance and wellbeing

What to expect in a reiki session: 
For recipient:

  • Remains fully clothed
  • May sit in a chair or lay on a massage table
  • Sets their intention to receive calming and healing energy
  • Determines the duration
  • Allows time for discussion

What to expect in a reiki session:

From practitioner:

  • May be in a different location than the recipient, because reiki travels over distance
  • Meditates to create a healing space that is filled with love, compassion, and grace
  • May move around the recipient while placing their hands near or on the recipient's chakras* or may choose to sit near the recipient

*Chakra's are specific energy centers that are located on or near the body.

7 main chakras; crown (top of head), minds eye (forehead), throat, heart, solar plexus (below sternum), sacral (below belly button), root (tail bone). 

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